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If you want your hot tub to be an intimate experience, then there’s no need to purchase something that sits 6-8 people. This is where knowing how to find the best small hot tubs will be to your advantage. These hot tubs will typically just seat 2 people, maybe 3 at most, and fit into spaces that other hot tubs fear to tread. This guide is intended to help you determine which make and model of hot tub in this category will best meet your needs.

The Best Chart for Small Hot Tubs

Hot tubs in this category come in different shapes and hydrotherapy configurations. They also come with different standards of quality. The chart below will help you quickly compare and contrast the top-rated models as rated by existing customers so you can see which hot tubs make the grade.

PictureNameOur RatingSize (No. PeopleWarranty (Months)Price
PictureNameOur RatingSize (No. PeopleWarranty (Months)Price
Canadian Spa Company Grand Rapids Inflatable4.0412 $$ 
Lifesmart Rock Solid Luna Hot Tub4.4312 $$$$$ 
Bestway Lay-Z Spa Miami Inflatable Hot Tub4.1412 $ 
QCA Spas Model O in Blue Denim3.9236 $$$$$+ 
Lifesmart Rock Solid Simplicity Plug/Play Hot Tub4.6412 $$$$$ 

Why Choose the Best Small Hot Tubs?

The best hot tubs of the year come in many different shapes and sizes. Why then is the best small hot tub one of the most attractive options that is available in today’s market? There are 3 key reasons why choosing a small hot tub could be your best investment choice today.

  • Size. These hot tubs can fit into small spaces. They’re also portable enough that you can take them with you on camping trips, family vacations, or other getaways. If you don’t have a lot of room, you can still get the relaxation you need.
  • Cost. It’s not just the initial price that is lower in this category. The ongoing maintenance costs are also less. The average hot tub maintenance cost per year is about $180, including chemicals and cleaning. You can cut that in half with the right hot tub for just 2 people.
  • Variety. Hot tubs in this category come in triangles, circles, squares, ovals – all because each home has unique preferences. You can find an intimate setting, the correct shape, and the options you need for the best possible experience. 

When you become a new hot tub owner, there may be lots of basic questions you have regarding how your make and model should perform. With a small hot tub, you’ll save time on your maintenance. You’ll get the hydrotherapy benefits you need. And you won’t have to share those benefits with anyone else if you wish and feel like you’re wasting water and power to do so. 

In other words, the ownership of a small hot tub is a guilt-free experience. It may be the best investment you make this year.

How to Choose the Best Small Hot Tub for Me

There are two types of hot tubs that fit into the small category: portable and permanent. A third option, the wood-fired hot tub, is really in a category of its own, so isn’t included here.

Permanent hot tubs are generally those that are built into the ground. Some permanent hot tubs are also designed to sit on a firm foundation on their own, like on a deck. They are designed to stay in that location forever once installed. Portable hot tubs are stand-alone units that can be moved when necessary, may be inflatable in design, and often just need flat ground in order to work properly.

Although the hot tubs in this category are designed for two people, the capacity of the hot tub is still something to consider. Look for the total gallon amount of water that the hot tub contains and compare it to the number of jets that are incorporated into the design. A greater number of jets, when combined with larger water capacity, will provide a deeper level of hydrotherapy to both individuals using the hot tub.

A final consideration must be given to the appearance and materials used for the hot tub. Style and color matters for the interior and exterior of the hot tub. Small wooden hot tubs are great for deck installations because they match the aesthetics of their surroundings. If all you have is a flat deck or yard space, then a portable hot tub can provide you with the necessary solutions. Molded and acrylic hot tubs are both available in this category.

The Advantages of the Best Small Hot Tubs

The primary advantage for a small hot tub is the amount of space it takes. You can get intimate or enjoy time under the stars by yourself without needing a lot of space or a lot of money.

Portability is another advantage. Many of the hot tubs in this category can be quickly setup and taken down so you can have a warm water experience whenever you want. This also allows renters to be able to enjoy a hot tub without requiring a modification of their lease terms in many circumstances.

Plug and play options are also available in this category, allowing you to place the hot tub virtually anywhere to use it – though you won’t want to use an extension cord when operating the hot tub to make sure the appropriate amperage is received.

What Are the Prices of the Best Small Hot Tubs?

Small hot tubs might be tiny, but their cost is still something that generally requires at least a little planning. The smallest inflatable and portable hot tubs in this category begin at $350. There are several options available in the $500-$750 range. For more permanent installations, prices may range from $1,800 to $4,000 or more. It all depends on the features you want, the number of jets the hot tub has, and the composition of the shell.

You really can save a lot of cash in this category if you’re willing to go for a no-frills experience. Some models have waterfalls, ozonation, Bluetooth speakers, and lots of jets that may not be needed. Downgrading can sometimes put you under $1,500.

What Do Our Reviews Have to Say?

Canadia Spa Company

This small hot tub can produce large results for your stress relief. It might have a fairly basic design, but it gives you a deep seating option for an inflatable hot tub that lets you get a complete submersion. There’s enough room for up to 3-4 people and there isn’t a lot of splash from the bubble jets that provide relaxation support. You can have this hot tub ready to begin filling in about 30 minutes after receiving it and it stays strong all year long. Don’t overlook the value this small hot tub provides today.

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Lifesmart Luna

We can see the plug and play nature of this hot tub being taken too literally by some owners. Although you can plug it into a standard outlet, this hot tub does require a dedicated 15 amp circuit. You aren’t going to want to run other appliances on the same circuit as this one. Many homes have a dedicated outside circuit that can be used, but you won’t want to run anything else on it once the hot tub is plugged in. If you want the traditional hot tub experience, however, and your budget isn’t tightly restricted, then give this model a look.

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Bestway Miami

This portable hot tub gives you a great bubble massage, but that’s not the only reason why it’s one of the best small hot tubs on the market today. It’s easy to install almost anywhere on your property. The outer shell has fiber-tech that makes it difficult to puncture, while the interior offers a smooth feeling against the skin that is easy to clean when the time comes along. Water balance is easy to maintain, keeping the filters clean is a pretty simple process, and the end result is pure pleasure for the owner.

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Lifesmart Simplicity

We didn’t want to test this issue out, but there have been some complaints about severely poor pH levels damaging the hot tub pump and seals. This hot tub also seems to be a little picky about having a clean filter, so we’d recommend replacing the cartridges weekly for best results. But honestly, owning a hot tub takes some work. You can’t just run it and forget it, but this model does a good job of providing consistent results with a minimal amount of care. Created in a Sahara shell with a full surround, it can sit independently above ground and look great with its sandstone coloring.

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This small hot tub offers the most elongated design that is in the industry today. Perfect for 1-2 people and given multiple hydrotherapy jets, you’ll receive a 75% continuous duty high flow pump that is rated to be energy efficient. It’s also a plug and play hot tub, giving you the opportunity to install it with only a dedicated 15 amp dedicated GFCI circuit. A two-stage heating system lets the hot tub recover well during use, but the amount of water it can hold is fairly minimal compared to other hot tubs. It’s a tough installation, but if you can get through it, you’ll have a great hot tub to enjoy for many seasons to come.

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The best small hot tubs will give you the stress relief you need without the high costs that your budget may need. Pick your preferred model today, get your hot tub on order, and start living the good life.

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